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Old Owens C.C. Fixtures – 3rd June 2023

Old Owen’s Cricket Club commence the start of the Saracens Herts League fixtures on Saturday 6th MAY 2023.

The Ist XI Team are in the Premiership.
The 2nd XI Team are in Division 5A.
The 3rd XI Team are in Regional Division 11C.

The fixtures for Saturday 3rd June 2023 are as follows:

Old Owens 1st XI v Welwyn Garden City 1st XI (Away)(League 50 Overs) – 12.00 pm start 
(Ground: Digswell Park, 288 Knightsfield, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7NQ

Old Owens 2nd XI v Preston 2nd XI (Home)(League 50 Overs) – 12.00 pm start 
(Ground: Old Owens Sports Ground, Coopers Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 4NF)

Old Owens 3rd XI v Harpenden 6th XI (Away)(League 40 Overs) – 13.00 pm start
(Ground: Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, AL5 2JH)

The results for Saturday 27th May 2023 are as follows:

Old Owens 1st XI v Bishops Stortford 1st XI (Home)(League – 50 overs) – 12.00 pm start
Old Owens won the toss and elected to field.
Bishops Stortford scored 228-8 (50 overs) with Old Owens replying with 176 all out (44.5 overs)
(Highlights:  M.Plater 79, T.Kennedy 45, R.Carter 27, J.Wickham 2-37)
Old Owen’s lost by 52 runs (8 pts) 

Old Owens 2nd XI v Potten End 1st XI (Away)(League – 50 overs) – 12.00 pm start
Old Owens won the toss and elected to field.
Potten End scored 205-9 (50 overs) with Old Owen’s replying with 207-3
(36.1 overs)
(Highlights:  B.Christenson 77, C.Emmons 63, K.Changlani 27, Devam Shah 6-28)  
Old Owen’s won by 7 wkts (30 pts)  

Old Owens 3rd XI v St. Margaretsbury 4th XI (Home)(League – 40 overs) – 1.00 pm start
Old Owens won the toss and elected to field.
St. Margaretsbury scored 152-8 (40 overs) with Old Owens replying with 154-4 (37.4 overs)
(Highlights: N.Paropkari 77, A.Hunter 38 n.o., N.Paropkari 2-16, J.Concar 2-23)
Old Owen’s won by 6 wkts (30 pts)

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Old Owens Thai Food Menu & Takeaway

Old Owen’s Clubhouse has eat-in Thai Food available from Thursday to Saturday between 5 pm to 10pm. Takeaway meals are also available to order during these times.

Food is also available for Delivery on Thursday to Saturday between 5 pm to 10 pm (via Deliveroo)

Please call or text 07766 535567 or email to book a table or place an order for takeaway or delivery (Everything is cooked to order and fresh).

Follow on Instragram & Facebook @oldowensthai for Menu and updates.

Please click to see MENU.

Menu example photos:

Thai Meal Chicken & RiceThai Meal Beef NoodlesThai Meal Crackers





Thai Meal Platter

Old Owens Vets Fixtures – 14th May 2023


Final position in the League is as follows:

Old Owens Vets    P9  W2  D1  L6    Pts  7 (Finished 5th)

OLD OWEN’S VETS are back and will play in the Veterans Division North 1 of the Southern Amateur Sunday League for season 2022-23 which commences on the 18th September 2022. 

The Vets GAME this Sunday 7th May is as follows:

Old Owens Vets XI NO GAME 

The Vets results for last Sunday 29th April 2023 is as follows:

Old Owens Vets  NO GAME 

For fixtures, results and League table for Season 2022-2023, click the following link Southern Amateur Sunday Vets League.

Old Owens F.C. Fixtures – 13th May 2023


Final position in the League are as follows:

Old Owens 1st XI  P18 W10 D0 L8  Pts 30 (Finished 4th)
Old Owens 2nd XI P13 W9  D2  L2  Pts 29 (Finished 2nd)
Old Owens 3rd XI  P8   W9  D1  L12  Pts 25 (Finished 5th)

OLD OWEN’S FOOTBALL CLUB has 4 football teams (1st XI to 3rd XI) that play on a Saturday afternoon in their respective divisions of the Southern Amateur League and a Vets team that play on a Sunday morning in the SAL Vets League.

(Old Owens 1st XI play in Senior Division 1)
(Old Owens 2nd XI play in Intermediate Division 2)
(Old Owens 3rd XI play in Junior Division 1 North)

The League commences on Saturday 17th September 2022.

The teams also play in the AFA Cup, SALC and the Old Boys Cup depending on the division they are in.

The fixtures for this Saturday 13th May 2023 are as follows




The results of matches for Saturday 6th May 2023 are as follows:

OOFC 2nd XI lost WO v City of London (Double Header)(League)


Visit the OLD OWENS FOOTBALL CLUB website for further information.

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Old Owens C.C. Fixtures – 29th April 2023

The fixtures for Saturday 29th April 2023 are as follows:

Old Owens 1st XI will be at Radlett (Away)(T20 Competition) – 12.00 pm start
Cobden Hill, Watling Street, Radlett, WD7 7JN)

Old Owens Inter Club match between mixed 2nd & 3rd XI players (Home) – 13.00 pm start
(Ground: Old Owens Sports Ground, Coopers Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 4NF)


OOASC Full Committee meeting 3rd April 2023 – Minutes

Minutes of the Full Committee Meeting held on Monday 3rd April 2023 at 7.30pm in the Main Hall at Old Owen’s Sports Ground.                                    

      In attendance:   I.Breeze(IB), J.Clark(JLC), Richard Hattrell(Richard), A.Hunter(AH),
                                Paul Kennedy(PK), T.Lane(TL), K.Rowswell(KR)

  1. Apologies: E.Clark, L.Clark, Rob Hattrell, H.Nemko, V.Tanner, D.Webb, A.Welsford

  2. JLC update:(John Clark)
  • JLC reported that bar takings for February was okay but takings for March were affected by the cancellation of Football matches at the Ground. 60 people turned up for the Quiz Night at the end of March which helped.
  • JLC stated that there are a few parties and an Elvis Night booked for April. He added that hopefully the weather will change for the better to encourage people to come to the Club. John intends to give out prizes at his Golf Club for Thai Dinners to introduce other clientele to the Club.    
  • JLC are looking to get some new furniture for the outside Patio area.
  • JLC reported that some of the lighting needs to be replaced in the Car Park (TL will seek to get a contractor).
  1. Matters arising from previous minutes 6th February 2023
  • Authorisation for signatories on the Barclays account has been completed.
  1. Finance (Richard Hattrell)

  • Richard presented figures for Profit and Loss and the Balance Sheet and reported that the Accounts are in a good state. As at 3rd April 2023 there was £99k in the HSBC bank account, £9k in the Barclays account, £8.8k in the Owenians Alumni account and a surplus of £49.2k.
  • Full outstanding football rental payments are due from Elizabeth Allen and Northaw and part payment is due from Tansley.
  • Cosmur owes circa £1.5k for rent.
  1. The Ground (Tim Lane)

      5.1 Ground

  • Ground renovations need to be done in the next 3 months. When completed we are looking to purchase a sprinkler & approx. 130m hose (circa £1.5k).

      5.2 Borehole Project

  • The Borehole Project has been completed at a cost of £30k (less ECB grant of £10k & 18.5k grant from the Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund), so effectively the overall cost was 1.5k. 

      5.3 Irrigation Project

  • Received a quotation from Plantex UK of circa £25k (plus Vat) to provide an irrigation system around the Ground. The project will be deferred until October 2023 when we receive the next 18.5k grant from the Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund.

       5.4 Clubhouse Refurbishment

  • New flooring has been completed in the Entrance Hall, Main Hall, Kitchen, Bar Lounge & Les
    Williamson room at a cost of 9k (Thanks to TL for organising and getting the flooring completed with his team of helpers).

  • The next stage of the refurbishment will be walls, ceiling, doors etc. with regard to colours (TL is asking for any help from Committee members). Also looking to re-site the trophy cabinets on the walls.    

      5.5 Paddle Tennis Project

  • The project is moving forward well. OOASC Directors/Trustees Ian Breeze, Richard Hattrell, Paul Kennedy, Ken Rowswell, Sally Tanner & Vincent Tanner have given written consent for Tim Lane to sign the Head of Terms Agreement on behalf of OOASC with SR Sports Consultancy Ltd (Steve Riley). Padel Tennis at the Ground is looking to commence from 1st October 2023 (Steve Riley is planning to be on site for the first 3 months to foresee the administration).
  • Steve Riley has passed a duties and responsibilities document to JLC to look at and comment with regard to their involvement when Padel Tennis commences. 
  1. OOASC Sports Clubs

       6.1    OOFC Football Section (PK/IB)

  • PK reported that fixtures have been cancelled due to the weather especially during March. There are only a few matches remaining for all 3 teams. The 1St XI is currently 3rd in the League. The 2nd and 3rd XI teams both lost in their Old Boys Cup Finals. The Vets team has folded for the remainder of this season due to player availability.
  • PK stated that all 3 Owens teams will be leaving the SAL next season and will be going into the Herts League (Divisions not yet decided).
  • Football pitches closing date is 16th
  • OOFC Dinner is Saturday 29th April at the Ground.

      6.2    OOCC Cricket Section (TL) 

  • The Junior section net sessions at the School ended on Monday 27th The first outdoors training session and registration for Juniors at Owens Ground will be Monday 24th April. There will be 3 teams U9, U12 & U14 playing during the season.
  • Indoor nets for the Senior teams are currently on Tuesdays at Chancellors School at 8 pm. Outside nets at the Ground will commence on 17th
  • The 1st XI will play Hertford (away) on the 15th April followed by matches for the 1st & 2nd XI on the 22nd April away to Winchmore Hill.
  • The first Cricket matches at the Ground is Sunday 23rd April.
  • On the 29th April there will be an Inter Club match at the Ground. The 1st XI will be at Radlett in a T20 competition.
  • Saracen League fixtures for all 3 teams start on Saturday 6th May.   

       6.3    Affiliated Clubs 

  • Potters Bar United are still undergoing internal changes at the moment but finish their football season in 2 weeks time. 
  1. OOASC Membership (Alan Hunter) 
  • AH reported that subscription payments received so far from 1st August 2022 are £2,032 (18 Associate & 110 Full members) & 8 members have lapsed. A Subscription payment has also been received from OOFC for £1,320 (63 members). Expected subscription payments due from OOCC members once the season starts will be circa £800.
  1. Old Owens Website (Alan Hunter)
  • The website is up and running smoothly with regular traffic and is updated as and when necessary.
  • The statistics for the website as at 03/04/2023 are as follows:
    Last 7 days there were 708 visitors with 2,366 visits
    Last 30 days there were 2,380 visitors with 8,174 visits
    Last 365 days there were 25,419 visitors with 99,089 visits
  1. ZOO Club (Alan Hunter)
  • The balance in the account as at 03/04/2023 is £820.85.

             A draw was made at the meeting by PK.
             The winner of the £50 1st prize is Grace Rowswell (Ball no. 4).

  • Sandyann Cannon was paid a cheque for £880 on the 2nd March from the funds of £935 collected in the Zoo Club bank account for the Harold Moore Luncheon that took place on the 23rd February 2023. There is a balance remaining of £55 which will be transferred out to the new Harold Moore Luncheon account when set up.
  1. AOB 

       10.1 OOASC Insurance Renewal

       The Insurance covering the period 30/03/2023 to 30/03/2024 was renewed
       with Victor Insurance (via Ashbourne Insurance Services) for £4,577.18.               

  1. Date of next meeting
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Monday 5th June 2023, 7.30 pm at the Ground. 

Meeting ended at 20.55 pm.

Alvin as Elvis

Alvin as Elvis Night – Friday 14th April 2023

‘ALVIN as ELVIS’ on Friday 14th April 2023 
at Old Owens Sports Ground
Coopers Lane, EN6 4NF. 

Always a fantastic night of entertainment

** £25 a ticket ** 
(includes Supper)

Arrive 7 pm for 7.30 pm, Supper served at 8 pm & Show starts at 9 pm till late

(To enquire or Book)

Please call John or Lynn
on 01707 644211 or 07766 535567
or email or ask the Bar staff

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ oldowenssportsclub  

OOASC Full Committee meeting 3rd April 2023 – Agenda

There will be a meeting of the Full Committee on Monday 3rd April 2023 at 7.30 pm at Old Owen’s Sports Ground.


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Managers update (John/Lynn/Ed Clark)

3. Matters arising from previous minutes 6th February 2023

4. Finance update (Richard Hattrell)

5. Ground & Facilities update (Tim Lane/Ian Breeze)

  • Borehole Project
  • Irrigation Project
  • Club House Refurb
  • Paddle Tennis Project

6. OOASC Sports Club update

  • OOFC Football Section (Paul Kennedy/Ian Breeze)
  • OOCC Cricket Section (Tim Lane/Rob Hattrell)
  • Affiliated Clubs

7. OOASC Membership update (Alan Hunter)

8. OOASC Website update (Alan Hunter)

9. OOASC ZOO Club update (Alan Hunter)

10. AOB

  • OOASC Insurance Renewal (Ashbourne)

11. Date of next meeting – TBC

Old Owens Quiz Night – Friday 31st March 2023


Friday 31st March 2023

(at Old Owens Sports Ground, Coopers Lane, EN6 4NF)

7.30 for 8.00 pm Start

Maximum of 8 persons per team

£10 a ticket includes food
and spot prizes throughout the night


For further information call 01707 644211 or 07766 535567 or email  or speak to the Bar staff

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @olowenssportsclub