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Alvin as Elvis

ALVIN as Elvis – Friday 8th April 2022

‘ALVIN as ELVIS’ night on Friday 8th April 2022 
at Old Owens Sports Ground
Coopers Lane, EN6 4NF. 

Always a fantastic night of entertainment

** £20 a ticket ** 
(includes Fish and Chips Dinner)

Arrive 7 pm for 7.30 pm, Dinner served at 8 pm & Show starts at 9 pm till late

(Booking in Advance Only)

Please call John or Lynn
on 01707 644211 or 07766 535567
or email for further enquiries or to Book.




OOASC Full Committee meeting 21st February 2022 – Minutes

Minutes of the Full Committee Meeting held on Monday 21st February 2022 at 7.30pm in the Les Williamson Room at Old Owen’s Sports Ground.

In attendance:   I.Breeze(IB), Richard Hattrell(Richard), Rob Hattrell(RH), A.Hunter(AH), 
                         T.Lane(TL), K.Rowswell(KR), A.Ward(AW), A.Welsford (Anna),
                         John & Lynn (JLC)
                         (TL chaired the meeting with IB taking the minutes).

  1. Apologies: P.Kennedy, P.Riley, V.Tanner, D.Webb                               

  2. Bar and Catering (John//Lynn Clark)

  • Trading figures for Bar and Food were produced by JLC. It’s been a slow recovery from COVID-19 but business is gradually picking up.

  • There are a few more bookings from March onwards which are mainly on Friday nights. Forthcoming functions are an Elvis night, Quiz night and a Craft Fair for Ladies night.

  • The kitchen (currently rated at 3) is being deep cleaned ready for a Health inspection. The kitchen could do with a stainless steel refit rather than the tiled splashbacks etc.

  • A temporary cleaner is required for 5 weeks (JLC to provide details of requirements so that the position can be advertised).

  • Roast Dinners are back on the menu on Sundays but no vegetarian option is available.

  • The renewal date of JLC contract is 1st July 2022. TL pointed out that if they are wishing to renew for the next 3 years a business plan should be submitted by early April (Anna mentioned that she has been contacted by another couple who has expressed an interest).

  1. Matters arising from previous minutes 1st November 2021

  • None

  1. Finance (Richard Hattrell)

  • We are getting full rental payments from JLC.

  • As at 31st January 2022 we have a surplus of £34,500 (probably the highest amount that we shall have for the year as most of the rents are in and we haven’t as yet had to pay for any reparations for pitches.

  • £29,000 plus has so far been collected in rents with £19,000 still outstanding.

  • Bank balance in HSBC is £78,764 and Barclays £7,061.

  • Eamonn Dempsey has been repaid £1,711 (Nov 2021) owing to him for the replacement windows.

  • AH pointed out that the School still owes us £400 for payment to an image rights company for breach of copyright. AH to provide Richard with the info. Anna suggested that we should deduct the amount from the donation amount to be paid to the School.

  1. The Ground (TL/IB)

  • Quite a few Football matches have been cancelled due to the weather.

  • A replacement catch net post (£350) is required behind pitch 1 due to Storm Eunice damage.

  • A fence not belonging to OOASC is down behind pitch 1 dugouts.

  • AW wants’ to intensify the Ground work this year but has to be careful that the work does not affect the Cricket pitches. It will need a whole week to do the spring renovations (looking at early April). IB to check for any Football fixtures around that period.         

  • There is damage to Poly Cricket Sightscreen and an insurance claim has been submitted. 2 new Poly Cricket Sightscreens (£3,000) are required and the wooden sightscreens will require renovating.

  • The Cricket Club will be arranging pre-season maintenance work at the end of April.

  • Soffits and guttering needs doing. Received a quote for £2,900 (TL asked if we could try to get further quotes).

  • Anna raised the issue of the Main Hall floor which needs replacing. This would help to encourage more hiring of the facilities and attract business.

  1. OOASC Sports Clubs

      6.1    OOFC Football Section (IB)

  • There are 5 teams playing on Saturdays and a Vets team on Sundays. The 5th XI a young and enthusiastic side, are particularly doing well and has reached the semi-final of the AFA Cup.

  • John Robinson has taken over from Graeme Wilson as Fixtures Secretary.

  • AH enquired about payment of subscriptions due from the Football Club (AH to liaise with John Robinson).

      6.2    OOCC Cricket Section (Tim Lane)

  • Regular nets at Owens School on Monday evenings are well attended ( Both junior and adults)

  • There will be 3 adult XI’s in the Herts. Saracens League and fixtures for the junior teams for season 2022.

       6.3    Affiliated Clubs (Phil Riley) 

  • Nothing to report.

  1. OOASC Membership (Alan Hunter)

  • £2,046 subscriptions currently collected from 128 paying members and 5 members have lapsed (AH will categorize a total of all members at the next meeting).

  • Football Club still to calculate the number of players owing Association subs.

  • Anna stated that 92 members have joined the Alumni membership from the last event at a cost of £2 per month and will need a membership card. Anna is keen to offer members preferential rates for events and to create a ‘Business Directory’ to advertise members’ only businesses.

  • Anna and AH to meet to discuss merging of the OOASC membership spreadsheet to the Alumni members database and to collect membership subscriptions via an App.

  1. Old Owens Website (Alan Hunter)

  • No problems with the Website currently, which is updated as and when necessary.

  • AH provided the statistics for the website as at 21/02/2022 as follows:

    Last 7 days there were 360 visitors with 1,716 visits

    Last 30 days there were 2,217 visitors with 7,838 visits

    Last 365 days there were 25,050 visitors with 91,293 visits.

  • The statistics above show that we are still getting regular traffic on the website.

  1. ZOO Club (Alan Hunter)

  • At 21st February 2022 there is £762 in the account with £50 owing to Dave Greenshields for the November 2021 draw and £48 owing to Anna for 2 months overpayment (Anna is happy to leave the amount in the account to cover the next 2 years payments).

  • A draw was made (via Anna) and the winner of £75 for February 2022 is Ian Breeze (Ball number 5).

  1. Owenians Alumni (Anna Welsford)

  • The first Alumni Event on Saturday 13th November 2021 at the School was very successful and enjoyed by everyone (Well done to Anna).

  • Anna is now looking at organizing other Alumni events and pointed out that in 2023 will be the Schools’ 410 years anniversary.

  • There is currently £9,800 in the Alumni bank account and OOASC are aiming to donate in the region of £4,000 to the School at a later date.

  • TL stated that he was contacted by Ron Barber (from Ilford), to say that his wife an Old Owenian had passed away and that he would like to do an obituary for her and that he also had a lot of books etc relating to the School (Anna to pursue).

  • Anna stated that if anyone had any stories or other content, that this could be input directly to the Alumni website ( which she would then vet before allowing publication.

  1. AOB

  • None
  1. Date of next meeting

  • Next meeting has been scheduled for Monday 4th April 2022 at 7.30 pm at the Ground. 

  1. End of meeting

  • Meeting ended at 9.37 pm.


OOASC Full Committee meeting 21st February 2022 – Agenda

There will be a meeting of the Full Committee on Monday 21st February 2022 at 7.30 pm at Old Owen’s Sports Ground.


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Managers update (John/Lynn Clark)

3. Matters arising from previous minutes 1st November 2021

4. Finance update (Richard Hattrell)

5. Ground & Facilities update (Tim Lane/Ian Breeze)

6. OOASC Sports Club update

  • OOFC Football Section (Paul Kennedy/Ian Breeze)
  • OOCC Cricket Section (Tim Lane)
  • Affiliated Clubs (Phil Riley)

7. OOASC Membership update (Alan Hunter)

8. OOASC Website update (Alan Hunter)

9. OOASC ZOO Club update (Alan Hunter)

10. Alumni/Owen’s Members Club update (Anna Welsford)

11. AOB

12. Date of next meeting – TBC


Roger McHugh Obituary

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of another Old Owens legend Roger McHugh on 31st December 2021. 

Roger attended Dame Alice Owens School from 1958-1963 after moving down from Manchester.

He played for Old Owens at Football and Cricket skippering both. In football he played as a winger or inside forward scoring many goals and captained the Old Owens 2nd XI cricket team to promotion as champions of Division 3 in 1994.He was a right arm spin bowler and a belligerent lower order batsman. Roger was always very helpful with giving advice to youngsters in both sports.

Roger lived in Hatfield but spent many hours in Mersea Island when the opportunity arose.

The Old Owen’s Association offers sincere condolences to Roger’s family for their sad loss. 

RIP Roger you will be sorely missed!

Details of Roger’s Funeral are as follows:










There will be a webcast on the day to join the service via a live stream for those that  cannot attend in person (The details are as follows:).
Date: 2nd Feb 2022 at 11.45 am
PIN: 606-9405 


Old Owens CC logo

Old Owens Cricket Club Winter Nets – 10th January 2022




Starts Monday 10th January 2022
from 6.00 pm – 6.45 pm (Junior Softball)

from 6.45 pm – 7.30 pm (Junior Hardball)
from 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm (Adult Nets)


New members are most welcome and for further information please contact:

Jim Clark (Junior Cricket Development Officer) at email
Tim Lane (Adult Cricket)
at email