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  Old Owens Vets results 2015-16

Below are the fixtures and results for season 2015-16 for Old Owens Vets in the BARNET SUNDAY VETERANS LEAGUE.






 06/09/2015  London Turkish Masters Legends (L)       Away 6-0  S.Forwell (3), A.Mann 2, P.Saroya
 20/09/2015  Old Minchendians Vets  (L)       Home 10-0  A.Mann (3), K.Gallagher (3), S.Forwell (2),
 A.Battersby, C.Boyce
 04/10/2015  Colney Heath Vets (L)       Away 1-2  K.Reade
 11/10/2015  Old Woodhouseians Vets (L)       Away 3-3  M.Gauntier (2), N.Smith
 18/10/2015  Hoodwood Vets FC (L)       Away 3-0  S.Forwell, P.Saroya, N.Smith, 
 25/10/2015  Winchmore Hill Vets  (Veterans Cup) -1st Round       Away 5-2  K.Gallagher (4), I.Hawke
 15/11/2015  Old Minchendians Vets  (L)       Home WIN
 Old Minchendians played  ineligible players
 22/11/2015  Waltham Forest Vets  (Veterans Cup) – Qtr Final       Away 4-3  K.Reade (2), M.Arvanitis, S.Forwell
 29/11/2015  LondonTurkish Masters Legends (L)       Home 7-1  S.Forwell (3), K.Gallagher (3), OG
 13/12/2015   Winchmore Hill Vets (L)       Away 4-1  N.Smith, K.Reade, S.Forwell, S.Higson
 20/12/2015  Waltham Forest Vets (Junior Cup) – 2nd Round       Home 1-3  P.Saroya (pen.), S.Walton
 24/01/2016  Hoodwood Vets FC (L)       Home 4-0  P.Saroya 3 (1 pen.), S.Higson
 31/01/2016  Colney Heath Vets (L)       Home WIN
 Colney Heath played ineligible player 
 28/02/2016  Colney Heath Vets (50th Anniversary Cup) – 1st Round       Home 2-2
(4-2 on penalties)
 S.Forwell, D.Bullock
 06/03/2016  London Turkish Masters(Veterans Cup) – Semi Final       Home 2-0  D.Bullock, A.Mann
 13/03/2016  London Turkish Masters Legends (50th Anniversary Cup) – Qtr Final        Home 5-0  P.Saroya 2 (1 pen.), S.Forwell 2, M.Wright
 20/03/2016  Woodford Towns Vets (50th Anniversary Cup) – Semi Final       Home 6-2  P.Saroya 2, S.Forwell 2, S.Higson, N.Smith
 24/04/2016  Old Woodhouseians Vets (L)       Home 4-3  A.Mann 3, N.Smith **CHAMPIONS**
 08/05/2016  Turkmemkoy London Masters (50th Anniversary Cup) – FINAL  CockFosters 
3-1  N.Smith 2, K.Gallagher **WINNERS** 
 12/05/2016  Colney Heath Vets (Veterans Cup) – FINAL  Cockfosters        F.C. 1-1
(3-1 on penalties)
 K.Reade **WINNERS**
 15/05/2016  London Turkish Masters (Championship Decider Play-off) – FINAL  Wingate-Finchley F.C. 0-0
 Match Abandoned due to Scott Walton breaking his Leg in the 68th Minute. Trophy Shared between the 2 Teams  **WINNERS**    

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