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  OLD OWENS FC Season 2016-17 – Finished

OLD OWEN’S FOOTBALL CLUB has 5 football teams (1st XI – 5th XI) that play on a Saturday afternoon in their respective divisions of the Southern Amateur League.

Teams play in the AFA Cup, SALC and the Old Boys Cup depending on what division they are in.

Note: Old Owen’s 2nd XI have withdrawn their team from the League for the rest of this season 2016-17 due to a lack of players.

Old Owens F.C. have finished their Season 2016-17 for all XI’s.

OOFC 1st XI – NO GAME (Finished 5th)
OOFC 3rd XI – NO GAME (Finished 5th)
OOFC 4th XI – NO GAME (Finished 5th)
OOFC 5th XI – NO GAME (Finished) – ** CHAMPIONS **

The results for matches for last Saturday 29th April 2017 are as follows:
OOFC 1st XI – NO GAME (Finished)
OOFC 3rd XI – NO GAME (Finished)
OOFC 4th XI lost 5-4 v Old Finchleians 5th XI (Away) (League) – k.o. 3.00 pm 
OOFC 5th XI drew 2-2 v Norseman 7th XI (Home) (League) – k.o. 4.00 pm (CHAMPIONS)

Visit the OLD OWENS FOOTBALL CLUB website for further information.

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