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  OOASC Full Meeting 6th August 2018 – Minutes



  1. In Attendance: Tim Lane (TL), Alan Davison (AD), Alan Hunter (AH), Rick Martin (RM), Sharon Martin (SM), Ken Rowswell (KR), Vincent Tanner (VT), John & Lynn Clark (JLC Ltd).
  1. Apologies: Ian Breeze (IB), Eamonn Dempsey (ED), Robert Hattrell (RH), Hanna Nemko (HN), Andrew Ward (AW), Derek Webb (DW).
  1. Previous minutes of 11/06/18 were accepted.
  1. Matters arising from the minutes:

RM reported that the assistant groundsman Terry has tidied up the Childrens playground, especially the dangerous parts. RM to do further checks as to the current state of play in the playground.

  1. Managers Report (John/Lynn Clark):

Bar and Catering

JLC produced Bar and Food figures and reported that July figures were very good due to the weather, functions and several wakes (33% up on last year). Figures for food were still low due to the fact that JLC allowed hirers to provide their own catering to encourage bookings.

JLC reported that the Cellar broke down last Saturday due to temperature issues. The Contractor (Godfrey Lappage) came out that day to rectify the issue and looked at the air conditioning as well. JLC to check with Godfrey Lappage and/or Heineken with regard to a Service Agreement for the Cellar.

General update
JLC reported that the awnings on the pavilion have been damaged and require repairing.

Lynn reported that the height barriers have been repaired and that it might be possible to claim on the insurance (TL to check).

JLC reported that the door to Changing room 5 could not open, so the door was forced and will need repairing.

Lynn reported that her son Edward has now moved into the Bungalow and produced quotes for some repairs that are required (To be discussed by the Committee at this meeting).

Forthcoming Events
Lynn stated that September & October should be Ok for functions and therefore money will be coming in. A Quiz night and Elvis night have been booked for October.

  1. Finance:

Bungalow Repairs
There was a discussion with regard to the quotes produced by Lynn for repairs to the Bungalow. RM suggested that an inspection should be done to check on the repairs required which was agreed. TL will do the check before any decision is made.

AD is chasing Wood Green Timber for the outstanding rent and DW will Chase Storer via Tom Sylvester for payment.


AD confirmed that £15,000 has been paid to the School for the Green King debt that was owed. £15,000 is remaining that will be paid to the School at a later date.

TL advised that £7,500 income will be coming in from Cricket lettings and £4,500- £5,000 expenditure will be needed for renovations to the ground. TL pointed out that the Football Clubs using the ground need to be chased for their payments especially before the new season starts. RM will speak to IB.

TL pointed out that JLC contract expires in July 2019 and the need to begin a dialogue with him with regard to his intentions. AD & DW to liaise with JLC.

TL advised that refurbishments to the Gentlemen’s toilet in the Pavilion are needed.

  1. The Ground:

    Ground Managers Report (Rick Martin)

RM advised the meeting that credit should be given to the Groundsman (Chris Langley) for the preparation of the cricket squares especially with the unhelpful weather we have been having. RM also pointed out that Chris will be leaving at the end of September and hopes to have all the football pitches prepared before he leaves. RM stated that options need to be looked at with regard to the recruitment of a new groundsman. TL confirmed that this will be done and that it might mean we will have to pay more money to the new groundsman that is currently paid.

RM has spoken to IB about the start of the football season with regard to the ground and the concern about the current lack of rain. RM advised that a working party from the Football Club will be required to put the goals up for the 9th Sept. The football season ends on the 13/14th April 2019.

Pavilion Windows

AH sent a letter of thanks to Eamonn on behalf of the Association and advised the meeting that he has paid a total of £4,800 from donations collected in the Zoo Club account. AH confirmed that the money paid to Eamonn from the account is strictly from Windows donations only that has been paid in.

JLC stated that Heinekin are going to make a donation shortly for £2,500 and Eamonn is chasing a donation from Wood Green Timber.

AH is still trying to get contact details for Jarred Norman/Nick Barnes to try and obtain a donation from the Nick Barnes Trust. IB is assisting on trying to get the contact details.

  1. Membership:

AH produced a report itemising the members and payments paid for the year ending 31st July 2018. The total number of members for the year is 519 (295 paid) and the amount collected is £5,037. This was an increase of 39 paid members and an increase amount collected of £824 from the previous year. There was also a significant less number of lapsed policies compared to the previous year.

VT asked if it was possible to have a look at the email marketing tool MailChimp to see if it could help with increasing membership. AH will investigate.

  1. Zoo Club:

AH reported that the balance in the account is £350 (excluding Windows donations).

AH agreed with TL request to drive to get more members to join.

A draw was made and the prize winners are as follows:

1st Prize:  £75 (Mrs V.M. Cross)

2nd Prize: £25 (Mr W.Sutter)

  1. Old Owens Website:

AH reported no issues with the website and is updated as and when.

  1. Privacy policy:

SM has issued a first draft of Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy to Committee members for further discussion and approval. SM will liaise with AH (OOASC), Shaun Flook (OOCC) and Jon Robinson (OOFC) to establish and obtain the information that is held for all members.

  1. AOB:

There was no AOB and the meeting closed at 9.10 pm.

Date of next meeting is Wednesday, 03/10/2018 at 7.30 pm.




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