Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC Full Meeting 3rd December 2018 – Minutes


Minutes of the Committee Meeting on Monday 3rd December 2018 at 7.30pm

Present: T. Lane, V. Tanner, D. Webb, K. Rowswell, A. Ward, R. Martin, S.Martin, J. & L. Clark

  1. Appointment of person to take minutes for this meeting – SM
  2. Apologies for Absence – A. Hunter, A. Davison, P. Kennedy, I. Breeze, R. Hattrell
  3. Minutes of Meeting on 8th October 2018 – accepted as a true record.
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
  1. Bar and Catering (John/Lynn Clark)
  1. Finance
  1. The Ground
  1. Membership (Alan Hunter) – via TL. Subs collected from 1/8/18 standing at £2417.50. Seven associated members chased by JC. 17 lapsed memberships.
  1. Zoo Club (Alan Hunter) – via TL. £49 owed to Eamon. Balance currently stands at £344.85. Prize draw to be held at next meeting.
  1. Old Owens Website (Alan Hunter) – via TL. All ok. Data Protection cookie tbf.
  1. Privacy Policy (Sharon Martin) – carried forward.
  1. AOB

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