Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC Full Meeting 11th June 2018 – Minutes



1.  In Attendance: Ian Breeze (IB), Rick Martin (RM), Sharon Martin (SM), Alan Davison (AJD), Alan Hunter (AH), Robert Hattrell (RH), Ken Rowswell (KR), Vincent Tanner (VT).

  1. Apologies: Tim Lane (TL), Derek Webb (DW), HN, Eamonn Dempsey (ED), Paul Kennedy (PK), John & Lynn Clark (JLC Ltd).
  1. Previous minutes of 04/04/18 were accepted, and the following matters arose:

a) RM – With regards to the playground, the dangerous equipment is now being dismantled.

b) AJD also explained regarding the 2016-17 Accounts that the admin costs breakdown of £100,690 was shown in the appendix under Management Information. There was no actual drawdown of money from the bond in 16-17 but when the bond had been moved and re-invested we kept some finance back (approx £30k) in order to match the FA funding on the changing rooms refurbishment.

(Since moving, the bond has since risen in value by approx £13k.)

  1. Bar and Catering:

In the abscence of John & Lynn there was a verbal report via AH.
External bookings look good until August.
Bar and Food figures not yet available but will be able to be viewed soon.
29/06 – A JLC Quiz Night has been organized.

Tenants have now moved out of the tied bungalow and Edward (son of John and Lynne is moving in soon). The committee recognize it has a responsibility for the basic fabric of the bungalow. All significant expenditure however must be agreed by the full committee.

  1. Finance: £30k is owed to the school following our historic Greene King debt. The meeting agreed that we should make a charitable donation of between 15 and 20k to the school this financial year.

    Cosmur Ltd have been paying their rental for storage quarterly.

    AJD will arrange letters/invoices to Chas Storer Ltd and Wood Green Timber for car        parking rental.

  1. The Pavilion: The white windows are now fitted. Eamon has been paid £4.3k from funds collected into the Zoo Club Account. He is still chasing £4.6k to break even. Can we assist?

Letter of thanks to ED via the school – AJD to arrange.

A similar letter of thanks on behalf of OOA to be organized by AH.

AH to contact The Nick Barnes Trust via Jarred Norman for a donation to ED.

The external clock has now been repaired (£300 thanks to OOCC).

There have been no warm showers for the cricketers for at least 2 weeks due to a new water pump being required. Cougar are arranging this asap as a matter of urgency.

  1. Ground Manager’s Report: RM.  AT Bones have now completed all renovations and the work has gone extremely well (apart from a couple of low spots in football goalmouths). The progress, monitoring and possible plans for the new groundsman were discussed.
  1. Membership: AH reported that he had banked £308 in May representing payments from 14 x members (new or lapsed).
  1. Zoo Club: AH reported that the balance stands at £897.

AH is having some trouble accessing the exact details of the Barclays Zoo Club account.

  1. Old Owens Website: AH reported that it is fine and up to date.
  1. Privacy policy: SM is adapting a privacy notice to send to members. She will send this out to committee members for checking prior to the next meeting in August. With regard to this compliance, we have arrangements in place and we are working towards this statutory data policy. We intend to hold the minimum information possible on each member. We shall have a clear opt in or out question as contact must be based on consent.
  1. AOB: There was no AOB and the meeting closed at 8.17pm.

Date of next meeting is Monday, 06/08/18 at 7.30 pm.

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