Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC Full Meeting 11th February 2019 – Minutes

Old Owen’s Association and Sports Club Limited

Minutes of Full Committeee Meeting on Monday 11/02/19 at 7.30 pm

In attendance: R.Martin, I.Breeze, K.Rowswell, R.Hattrell, T.Lane, A.Hunter.  John and Lynn Clarke.

Apologies: A.Davison, V.Tanner, P.Kennedy  A.Ward, D.Webb, S.Martin

Report from John and Lynn Clarke:

Bar and Food figures produced (January slightly down from last year by 5%).

Not many external bookings confirmed after initial interest. (J and L put this down to the poor condition of the men’s toilets).

Car parks need properly marking as it becomes chaotic at busy times.

Contract is to be discussed by DW and AJD before expiry in July 2019.

Forthcoming events in March are ‘Quiz Night’ (15th March) and ‘Alvin as Elvis’ (30th March)


No accounts were available to the meeting.

TL to contact Mrs Nicki Culhane at DAOS to provide exact figures and circulate.

The Ground:

Meeting organised at 10am on 22/02/19 with Rob Kendall (Bones) and Andrew Ward (Ward Amenity) to discuss ‘spring renovations’.

Rick reported that we were really pleased with the work of Edward Clarke (a very promising start). The ground has been well cut and marked. The hedges have been cut back and the ditch cleared. 

This is now at the top of our priority list but it will take £20k to sort this out (Can we discuss drawdown at the next meeting to finance this?)


ZOO Club: 

The draw was made by Rob Hattrell and the three winners were as follows;

£75 – V.M. Cross (1st)

£50 – B.Clifton (2nd)

£25 – J.Cardall (3rd)
Balance after deduction of the draw monies is £260.
TL asked if he and other members could join the Club to boost the number of existing members. AH to locate membership forms for joining registration.

Old Owens Website:

AH has kept this running and up to date. The privacy settings/cookies policy has been included..

AH to contact Hannah Nemko  (rather than Sonja Winborn) regarding inclusion of link to Old Owens Association website from the School website.

Privacy policy:

Sharon Martin was not in attendance, so there wasn’t any details available.

Sports Clubs:

Football section report:

Running 4 x Saturday teams and 1 x veterans Sunday team.

3rd team recently reached the final of the AFA Junior Cup.

Cricket section report:

Winter nets have now commenced at Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hatfied.

After having achieved promotion in 1st place last season, the Club have to show evidence of commencing colts cricket as part of the ECB Premier League directives. To that effect the club has appointed a cricket development officer (Jim Clarke) to work with local schools to enlist players. The Club is looking at fielding U11, U13 and U15 teams.

TL stated that there will soon be a new Old Owens Cricket website that will also link to the Old Owens play-cricket website and the Old Owens Association website.


Meeting closed at 8.36 pm

Next meeting scheduled for 08/04/19




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