Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC Full Committee meeting 4th April 2022 – Minutes

Minutes of the Full Committee Meeting held on Monday 4th April 2022 at 7.30pm
 in the Les Williamson Room at Old Owen’s Sports Ground.

In attendance: I.Breeze(IB), Richard Hattrell(RH), A.Hunter(AH), P.Kennedy(PK),  T.Lane(TL) 
                        H.Nemko(HN),  K.Rowswell(KR), D.Webb(DW), A.Welsford(AW), John Clark(JLC)
                        (TL chaired the meeting with IB taking the minutes).

  1. Apologies: A.Ward, Robert Hattrell, P.Riley  

  2. Bar and Catering (John//Lynn Clark)
  1. Matters arising from previous minutes 21st February 2022
  1. Finance (RH)
  1. The Ground (TL/IB)
  1. OOASC Sports Clubs

      6.1    OOFC Football Section (PK)

      6.2    OOCC Cricket Section (Tim Lane) 

      6.3    Affiliated Clubs (Phil Riley) 

  1. OOASC Membership (Alan Hunter)
  1. Old Owens Website (Alan Hunter)
  1. ZOO Club (Alan Hunter)
  1. Owenians Alumni (AW)
  1. AOB 

         11.1 OOASC Insurance Renewal (Tim Lane)

         The insurance was renewed for £3.8k with Victor Insurance (period 30th March 2022 to
         30th March 2023).

         11.2  Contracts
         Discussion ensued about the JLC contract and the expectations of the School and the
         Association with  regard to a vision of what is required from both sides to go forward
         (i.e. School vision combined with Sports Club vision). Members of the Committee had
         a general and frank exchange of ideas regarding the vision for Old Owens Sports Club
         and there was contrasting thoughts of what the function of the Club actually is.

         HN stressed the future involvement of the School and the willingness to invest some
         funds, time and expertise. Contract expertise was offered by HN but TL pointed out
         that the JLC Contract was an Agreement rather than a Contract.

         It was agreed that both the School and the Association should outline their vision,
         aims and objectives and meet for discussion (A meeting has been arranged on 11th
         May 2022 at 6.30 pm at Dame Alice Owen’s School). The resulting decisions made at
         the meeting will be giving to JLC prior to the presentation of their business plan (date
         to be confirmed).

         11.3   AGM

          An AGM has provisionally been scheduled for Wednesday 15th June 2022 (date & time
          to be confirmed). TL will be away for this date.

  1. Date of next meeting
  1. End of meeting






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