Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC Full Committee meeting 1st November 2021 – Minutes

Minutes of the Full Committee Meeting held on Monday 1st November 2021 at 7.45 pm
in the Les Williamson Room at Old Owen’s Sports Ground.

In attendance:            I.Breeze(IB), Richard Hattrell(Richard), A.Hunter(AH), P.Kennedy (PK),
                                   T.Lane(TL), P.Riley(PR), K.Rowswell(KR), V.Tanner(VT), 
                                   A.Welsford (Anna), John & Lynn (JLC)
                                   (TL chaired the meeting with IB taking the minutes).

1. Apologies:              Rob Hattrell, A.Ward(AW), D.Webb             

2. Bar and Catering (John//Lynn Clark)

3. Matters arising from previous minutes 26th July 2021

4. Finance (Richard Hattrell)

  5. The Ground (TL/IB)

6. OOASC Sports Clubs

     6.1 OOFC Football Section (Paul Kennedy)

     6.2 OOCC Cricket Section (Tim Lane)

     6.3 Affiliated Clubs (Phil Riley)

7. OOASC Membership (Alan Hunter)

 8. Old Owens Website (Alan Hunter)

9. ZOO Club (Alan Hunter)

10. Owenians Alumni(Anna Welsford)

11. AOB

 12. Date of next meeting



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