Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC Full Committee meeting 1st November 2021 – Agenda

There will be a meeting of the Full Committee on Monday 1st November 2021 at 7.45 pm at Old Owen’s Sports Ground.


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Managers update (John/Lynn Clark)

3. Matters arising from previous minutes 26th July 2021

4. Finance update (Richard Hattrell)

5. Ground & Facilities update (Tim Lane/Ian Breeze)

6. OOASC Sports Club update

7. OOASC Membership update (Alan Hunter)

8. OOASC Website update (Alan Hunter)

9. OOASC ZOO Club update (Alan Hunter)

10. Alumni/Owen’s Members Club update (Anna Welsford)

11. AOB

12. Date of next meeting – TBC


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