Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC Full Committee meeting 19th February 2020 – Minutes

Old Owen’s Association & Sports Club Limited

Minutes of Full Committee Meeting on Wednesday 19/02/20 at 7.30pm (Ground)


  1. In attendance: I.Breeze(IB), S.Flook(SF), Richard.Hattrell(RH), A.Hunter(AH), P.Kennedy(PK), T.Lane(TL).
    (The meeting welcomed the attendance of Mrs  Anna Welsford, the Alumni Officer at DAOS).
  1. Apologies: Robert Hattrell, PhilRiley, K.Rowswell, V.Tanner, A.Ward, D.Webb, John and Lynn Clarke.
  1. Matters arising from previous minutes:
  1. Bar, Catering & AOB:

    Written report from John and Lynne Clark in absentia.

  1. Finance:
  1. The Ground:
  1. OOASC Membership:
  1. ZOO Club:

            £75 –E.Fosbrook

            £25 – G.Flook

  1. Old Owens Website: 

           Last 30 days there were 6,624 visitors with 17,516 visits

           Last 365 days there were 39,086 visitors with 150,650 visits.

  1. Privacy policy:
  1. OOASC Sports Clubs: 

          PK reported that we are running 4 x Saturday teams and 1 x 
          veterans Sunday team and stated the season has been a tough
          one for the teams as a whole. The last football weekend is
          18/19April 2020.

          IB is supporting Ben Rowswell with setting up a junior girls
          Wildcats” section of the Football Club.

         Well attended winter nets have now commenced at Herts
         University, Hatfield (2nd/3rd XI) and Haileybury School (1st XI). The
         Junior section is netting at Lochinver House School on Monday
         evenings and intend to organize league teams at under 9,11,12’s for
         season 2020. 

         The adult Cricket season commences with friendlies on the 25th
         April (1st XI) and the 2nd May (2nd/3rd XI) with league games starting
         on the 9th May and ending on the 5th September.

         TL advised that Saturday cricket bookings for the ground are 
         completely full (i.e. Old Owens & Finchley 3’s) but is awaiting
         confirmation bookings from Sunday teams. 

          Phil Riley in absentia stated that there is nothing significant to
          report with regard to Potters Bar United F.C.

  1. AOB:

         AH advised Anna that the Launch event has been included on the 
         Association website and notices for the event have been sent to Old
         Owenian members from the Association database.

Meeting closed at 9.10 pm.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday 06/04/20 at 7.30pm (Ground).

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