Old Owen's Association and Sports Club Limited

  OOASC AGM Meeting 7th September 2022 – Minutes



Meeting commenced at 7.40 pm.

1. Tim Lane was appointed Chair for the meeting.

In attendance: Tim Lane (TL chair), Ian Breeze (IB), Alan Hunter (AH), Paul Kennedy (PK), Hannah Nemko (HN),
                         Derek Webb (DW), Anna Welsford (Awe),

2. Apologies for absence:

Grahame Ciombor, Valerie Cross, Don Day, Adrian Dolling, Alan Flook, Gavin Flook, Shaun Flook, Sally Gunning, Robin Gupta, Richard Hattrell, Robert Hattrell, Fiona Lane, Bill Morgan, William Read, John Richier, Grace Rowswell, Ken Rowswell (KR), Nick Rule, Anwar Sardiwalla, Alec Spencer, Sally Tanner (ST), Vincent Tanner (VT), Andrew Ward (AW).

3. Minutes of the AGM held on 13th May 2019:

The Minutes were approved by the meeting.

4.    Matters arising from the AGM Minutes:

 i)    We continue to grow our membership and have set up ties with the School via the Owenians Alumni Members
       Club, so good progress is being made.

ii)   A special mention and thanks to Alan Davison who passed away on 8th October 2020, for all the work he did on
       behalf of the OOASC.

iii)   We are still seeking members to join the OOASC Committee and to have more female participation within the
       Sports Clubs.

iv)   Contract negotiations was sorted in July 2022 (1 year contract)

5. Chairman’s Report:

Tim Lane gave his report on the OOASC to the meeting as follows:


As you are all aware this is our first AGM since 2019 due to the pandemic, but rest assured the Committee met and continued to look after our affairs throughout this period.

Thank You’s

i) I start by thanking all the serving Committee members and Directors for all their hard work and knowledge. This promoted lively discussion at times and good decision making.

ii) We thank Nicki Culhane at DAOS for continuing to assist our day-to-day financial administration.

ii) We thank JLC Owens (John, Lynn, Ed and Aoy) for all their hard work through difficult times, keeping us fed and watered, which makes this Club always welcoming and inclusive.

iv) We thank our supply chain and consultants for their support and loyalty i.e. Ward Amenities, ATB, G20 Plumbing Services, ATCO, Chubb Fire Consultants, Mercury Security and Ashbourne Insurance to name but a few.

v) Lastly we thank our Sport Clubs and their Committees for ensuring teams are selected, fixtures fulfilled and achieving high standards. We will hear more from their representatives later this evening.


i) During lockdown we managed to extend our patio which gave us a larger outdoor space that helped us operate when Covid-19 restrictions started to lift.

ii) We installed ‘tall ball stop nets’ to Football pitch 2 and Cricket pitch 2. Well done Ian Breeze and Andy Ward for procuring the materials (mostly free of charge) and to the ground staff for erecting.

iii) We replaced the rotting timber doors and windows to the bungalow and the fascias and gutters to the pavilion, which has enhanced our curb appeal.

iv) We also purchased two new cricket sightscreens and replacement nets for the goals.

v) Very importantly we entered into a signed agreement with the School to ensure both our vision’s and expectations are catered for going forward. We have already been able to donate £4k to the setting up of the Owenians Alumni Members Club, which is currently being steered by Anna Welsford, for the School. Anna now sits on our  Committee which helps greatly.

vi) The Bar and Catering contract was up for renewal again in July 2022, which was successfully renewed with JLC Owens until July 2023. We thank them again for all their hard work and not least the introduction of Thai Food from the kitchen.

vii) Lastly and most recently the Football Club led by Jon Robinson have applied for a Grass Pitch Maintenance Grant which when approved will grant us £50k+ over 4 years, which will give us flexibility with our current budget to invest in other things. Thanks to Jon and his team.

What next

i) It has been repeatedly discussed by the members that the Bar and Function rooms could do with a face lift, so it is our intention to put a plan together to do just that. Works will include new flooring, decorations and some minor remodeling.

ii)  The tennis court area still remains an eyesore and a waste of commercial space. Several options are being investigated which I hope will be developed, especially if its use can encourage more female participation in sport.

iii)  We will be working closely with the newly formed Owenians Alumni Members Club to increase the membership and to encourage younger members to join the Committee to ensure the OOASC moves forward in step with time.

iv) The Bar and Catering contract expires in July 2023, so again the Committee will have to discuss the options as to the most commercial way forward.

Overall, the Committee believes the Club is in good shape and continues to offer a safe and inclusive environment going forward.

The meeting thanked Tim Lane for his report and all his work for the OOASC.

6. Confirmation of Treasurer Appointment:

 The meeting confirmed the appointment of Richard Hattrell as Treasurer to the OOASC on 12th April 2021.

7. Financial Report and presentation of accounts

Hannah Nemko read out the OOASC Treasurers report to the meeting in the absence of Richard Hattrell, with information as follows:

‘As a consequence of Covid-19 it has been two years since financial statements have been presented to the members. I therefore present the financial statements for the year ended 31st July 2021, which include the results for both 2020 and 2021’.

 i)   Covid-19 clearly had a significant impact on the Club. In 2019 our income was £83,971 and in 2020 which was impacted from March 2020 onwards, income had reduced to £70,717. In 2021 the income fell to £37,296. There were also some savings with the Ground being used less, the repair work during the year and at the end of the respective sports seasons was reduced. However, it was necessary to continue to maintain the Ground ready for when sport fully resumed. It is also worth remembering that sporting activities recommenced before the Clubhouse could fully reopen and this meant that there were Ground costs incurred but without the income generated from the Bar.

ii)   There was a reduction in our other overheads. There was relief for rates and fewer premises costs such as repairs, lighting and heating. Overall our total costs in 2019 were £84,755, in 2020 it was £78,738 and in 2021 £62,175.

iii)  The Club received help from the government in the form of grants received via Welwyn and Hatfield Council. Over the two years the club received a total of £52,357. This money was incredibly helpful and ensured the Club was able to remain on a firm financial footing. Without these funds the Club would have had to dig deep into its reserves which would have undoubtedly damaged the club’s ability to move forward.

iv)  The Clubs investments also performed well in this period showing an overall surplus of £31,445.

v) At 31st July 2021 the value of the investment was £203,522, with the club having funds in the bank of £67,190.

vi) I have also provided management accounts to 31st July 2022 to bring the financial position up to date. Overall  income has recovered to £91,567.30 for the year. There were no further grants received during this year so this represents income from Rent, Subscriptions and Donations. As you might expect with the resumption of all activities the expenditure has also increased with our total costs for the year being £76,184.37.

vii) At 31st July 2022 the investment was valued at £178,826 and the bank balance £71.059.

viii) Monies were paid out for the extension to the patio and a final repayment was made to Eamonn Dempsey for the cost of the replacement windows in the Clubhouse (Thanks to Eamonn for his help in ensuring the work was fully completed).

ix) During the year the Association also provided £4,000 in funds to the School to help the Owenians Alumni Members Club to commence holding events and activities for former pupils of the School. The balance of this account at the year end was £9,825.30.

The meeting thanked Richard for all the Financial information provided and for all his work as Treasurer. Thanks also to Nicki Culhane from the School for her help with the accounts.

8. Retirement of Directors:

Ian Breeze and William Hamilton-Hinds (WHH) resigned as a Director to the OOASC and both were re-elected as Directors by the meeting.

9. Appointment of Directors:

i) The Directors were re-elected ‘en bloc i.e. TL, IB, PK, KR, ST, VT, DW, WHH.

ii) No new Directors were proffered for election.

10. Election of Officers:

i) TL received a letter from a current OOASC member named Ms Ayo Abugo (AA), a parent at the School, who  registered her interest to join the OOASC Committee. Ms Abugo was proposed by IB and seconded by HN and the meeting agreed to her joining the Committee as an Ordinary Member.

ii) Proposal of Officers by TL seconded by DW (Done en bloc).

The elected Officers for 2022/2023 are as follows:

Chairman                                              –   Tim Lane         

Vice Chairman                                       –   Ian Breeze   

Secretary                                              –   Alan Hunter

Treasurer                                               –   Richard Hattrell
Membership Secretary                           –   Alan Hunter 

Website Administrator                           –   Alan Hunter 

Zoo Club Secretary                               –   Alan Hunter
Ground Manager                                   –   Tim Lane/Ian Breeze

 Football Club Representative                 –   Paul Kennedy

Cricket Club Representative                   –   Rob Hattrell
Potters Bar United F.C. Representative   –   Phil Riley

Ordinary Members                                 –   AA, AW, AWe, ST, VT, WHH

Accountants                                          –   Baxter & Company


11. AOB:

Cricket Section

TL outlined the season in the absence of Robert Hattrell.

i) It was a fantastic season for Old Owens Cricket Club, as all teams shone and no games were lost due to the weather:
 The 1st Team won the Championship with 4 games to go and will play in the Premiership for the first time in the Club’s history.
 The 2nd Team won successive titles by winning Division 6A and will play in Division 5A next season.
 The 3rd Team finished 4th in Division 11 East, with their position impacted by having to concede a couple of games due to player availability. It was great to see a few of the juniors stepping up to play in the 3rd team which bodes well for the future.

ii) The junior section was a success with more and more players joining. We are also seeking to have more girls joining and playing. Next season we are aiming to have 4 teams playing (i.e. U9, U11, U12, U14). Indoor nets for juniors will commence in November.

iii)    A new sightscreen will probably be required next season for the main pitch.

Football Section

i) PK reported that Old Owens 2nd XI won the Old Boys Cup and the 3rd and 5th XI both won the League.

ii) There will be 4 teams playing on Saturdays next season in the Southern Amateur League.

iii) There is a possibility that the Vets will not play next season on Sundays due to player availability.

Thanks to Ian Breeze and Tim Lane for obtaining a full hiring of pitches during the Football and Cricket season gone and to Ed Clark and Andrew Ward and his team for Ground maintenance. 

Energy Crisis

i) With the Energy crisis looming there may be some options available to save money on running costs at the Club via a County grant of up to 10k for ‘Tackling Climate Change’. TL, IB and AW to investigate to determine if we are  eligible to make an application for a grant.

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm

Next Committee meetings are as follows:

Monday 3rd October 2022 at 7.30 pm

Wednesday 7th December 2022 at 7.30 pm

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